Special Message to All of my Classes

Special Message to All my classes:

I hope this message finds everyone well, please make the time to join my Google Classroom. I sent everyone an invitation specific to the class you are in. The assingments I post for you will be there, grades an the marking period deadline has not changed. Please plan accordingly. 

During the week of March 16, many of you joined your class, some submitted their assingments, some still need to join. Please use this opportunity to raise your grade, get ahead.

Starting Monday, March 23, I will be posting a question of the day that requires a response to earn your check in points for the day.  These are points that you can easily earn to help offset any issues that arise during the assignments.  I will also be setting up a online chat room and will post the times in the classroom. That will be your chance to ask questions, say hello or get assignment help.  Also there are some new assignments that will be posted and summatives that need to be started to give you time to finish by the end of the marking period.