Rochester Math Experts Consult on TV Show

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November 12, 2014                                       Laurie Buckley, Rochester City School District
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                                                                           Jonathan Farley, Hollywood Math and Science Film Consulting

Math Specialists Lend Expertise to Hit TV show

Jonathan Farley, D.Phil, co-founder, Hollywood Math and Science Film Consulting
Anthony Harkin, Associate Professor of Mathematics in the College of Science, Rochester Institute of Technology                            

Elementary Episode “Just a Regular Irregular”

Thursday, November 13, 2014 – 10:00 pm

WROC Channel 8 / CBS Network                    

Former Rochester City School teacher, Jonathan Farley, and Rochester Institute of Technology professor, Anthony Harkin, served as consultants for an episode of the hit television show, Elementary. The episode, “Just a Regular Irregular,’ will air tomorrow night at 10:00 pm on CBS.

 This is not the first time that these math experts has helped the prime-time show. Last season the two consulted for the episode “Solve for X,” where they provided plausible names of math journals and awards that a mathematician might possess.

 Since some of the characters from that episode are returning for this week’s show, Dr. Farley and Professor Harkin were called on again for their math expertise. They worked with the show’s art department to provide math formulas and diagrams that are being used for backdrops and props.

 Jonathan Farley and Anthony Harkin operated a summer program in July and August of 2012 for students entering the Rochester STEM High School.

 Elementary is a CBS crime drama in its third season. It features Sherlock Holmes in present-day New York City. Holmes is played by Johnny Lee Miller, and Watson is played by Lucy Liu.