NWEA Goal Setting

Posted by Amanda Forkner on 5/20/2014


 Video #1 - Looking at goal setting

 Video #2 - Looking at NWEA class report
Video #3 - Reflection sheet
Steps to run a Class Report:
  1. Go to MAP Reports on NWEA. 
  2. Click on Class Reports, Winter Term, and Performance Goal, Create Report.
  3. Print or save to desktop.

Steps to run Student Goal Setting Worksheets:
  1. Go to the blue left column and click on Map Reports.
  2. Click on Student Goal Setting Worksheet.
  3. Under Term Roster, scroll down to Fall 2013-14, select your school/teacher name (depending if you have administrative privileges), for “Growth Comparison Period”, it should default to, “Fall 2013-Winter 2014”. Click on Math and Reading only by clicking off the last 3 (Lang Usage and the Sciences) and then “Create your report."

Goal Setting Worksheets, click on name to download: