NWEA testing window opens Monday, 5/12

Posted by Joyce Schultz on 5/12/2014

The NWEA window for the Spring administration of the NWEA assessment opens on Monday, May 12th and runs through June 13th. 

Please see the PowerPoint that summarizes the updates made to the system since the last administration. This PPT also serves as a refresher for setting up testing sessions.
Click here for Spring 2014 Updates PowerPoint.
Additional refresher training information may be found at
The home page looks like this:
 nwea home page
testing info  
The noted resources contain excellent information.
If there are any additional questions or issues pertaining to NWEA, please contact Steve Kingdom by phone (585-314-6048) or via email at Stephan.Kingdom@rcsdk12.org. Please note, David Pilaroscia, who also usually assists with NWEA issues will be out on medical leave for this upcoming assessment period. Please be kind to Steve.