6th grade Math Module 4 - Compass activities

Posted by Katie Orem & Larisa Useda on 3/24/2014

Sixth grade teachers-
There is a new resource in eLearning for Grade 6 Math Module 4. 
 additional resources
It is a 6th grade math Additional Resources document that lists the module by lesson with related Compass activities and LearnZillion video links wherever relevant.  
 Instructional resources
 Compass activities can be used in a variety of ways. See what would work for you.

1. Present Compass activities to whole or small group.

a.    Log in to your teacher account.

b.    Plug the activity# in the upper right corner of dashboard.

 activity number

c.     F11 for full screen


+ No set up, guided practice for students

-      Quizzes come up with the answers filled in, you will have to use a

student account to work with quizzes whole group.


2. Post a few activity #s near computer for centers.

a.    Students log in.

b.    Students type the activity # in the Activity Finder, in the lower left side of home screen.

activity finder

+ Data will show in Student backpack, teacher will receive data on weekly student progress report.

+ No need to assign ahead, works well for a few activities. Can target a specific skill that you are addressing in class.


3.  Assign "Grade 6 Math Module 4" assignment to your students.

a.    Students log in& click on Language Arts assignments

b.    To assign, log inyour teacher account.      

                                             i.     Select Courses & Assignments.

                                            ii.     Click Assignment Archive.

                                          iii.     Select Availability “My District”, Keyword “module”, then click on Search button.

                                           iv.     Check the assignment "Grade 6 Math Module 4."

                                            v.     Click Assign to Students button above.

                                           vi.     Click on the plus(+) sign next to the class to show all the

                                       students, then select students. Then choose “Finish” below.
math module 4

      + Data will show for students in Student backpack, teacher will receive
         data on weekly student progress report.

      + Students can work on assignment from home, during lab time or centers.

      + Easier management for more activities.

Yes, something created for 6th grade!! 
Please leave a comment on how you use the Compass activities.