School Requirements

Dear Parents:


Proof of the following items need to be sent via email to,  faxed to 324-3532, or mailed to school address.  If you are not sure whether your child needs these proofs, please call your health care provider, or the school nurse @ 242-7682 ext. 1460


PHYSICAL EXAM'S ~ Required for all new entering students, those that participate in interscholastic sports, are in grades 7 or 10, or are referred to the committee on Special Education.


IMMUNIZATIONS ~ All students entering 7th grade in September will need proof of Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis) vaccine as a booster to their early five shot childhood series.


DENTAL EXAMS ~  Proof of dental exam for students entering 7th or 10th grade.


BODY MASS INDEX ~ The BMI information is required for students in grades 7 & 10.  This information might be reported as group data to NYS health department.


VISON / HEARING   ~  Testing will be completed on all 7th & 10th grades.

Scoliosis ~ Testing will be completed on all 7th, 8th, & 9th grades.


* To withdraw your student from specific state group reports or from screening procedures, please call your school nurse or send in a written request.