Please Support the X-Cats

The X-Cats (Wilson's Robotics Team) Needs your support,

If you would like to help us with our funding goals for this year we have found a way that seems easy for all.

Here’s an easy way you can contribute to the team - 

The X-Cats have account at all 4 locations of Nickelback - meaning you can drop off your returnable bottles and cans, ask them to apply the amount to the account numbers listed below, and as Bob’s your Uncle – you’ve just raised $ for your favorite robotics team!

With 4 locations, there’s a convenient location for everyone!

Nickelback Location | Account Number 
4389 Culver Road | Account #200
4945 West Ridge Road | Account #350
1945 East Ridge Road | Account #87
1650 Dewey Avenue | Account #212

It couldn’t be easier – make it a habit, spread the word, and the nickels will add up – guaranteed!

 nickelback locations