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Danielle Jones

Danielle Jones is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Doula and Podcaster from Rochester, NY. She has served in the field of Human Service and Mental Health for over 10 years in the following areas: community mental health, therapy for middle and high school students, serving in the juvenile justice system, and parental mental health. Danielle currently works as a Primary Therapist in a program for mothers. In 2020 Danielle launched her Business, Divine Connection Doula Services where she provides pregnancy and labor support to women and their families. Danielle is also the founder, host and producer of the MomMe Timeout Podcast. Her mission is to use this platform to educate, elevate, and empower moms to live up to their full potential in motherhood and womanhood. Danielle is also passionate about working in the field of Diversity and Inclusion and serving on committees in her city to help improve the lives of women and their families. She enjoys teaching about mental health, maternal health, parenting, and personal development.