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Healthi Kids Brings International Play Event to the Rochester City School District

(February 7, 2024) The Rochester City School District celebrated Global School of Play Day at several schools on Wednesday, February 7. 

Healthi Kids collaborated with the RCSD and the City of Rochester’s Department of Recreation and Human Services, uniting schools, libraries, R-Centers, and childcare providers to participate in all four quadrants of the city. 

“In our nurturing environment, we recognize the profound impact of play on the development and well-being of our students,” said Dr. Carmine Peluso, Superintendent of Schools.  “By activating dreams and potential, we break down boundaries and pave the way for every student to thrive.”

In anticipation of the event, Healthi Kids supplied play kits of toys and games, financial support, and technical assistance to participating sites. 

At Charles T. Lunsford School No. 19, students participated in games that were popular when their teachers were kids.  “We have hopscotch, four square, red rover, and red light green light,” said Yarritza Delgado, Community Site Coordinator at School No. 19.  “This day allows students to come out and get fresh air and go back into class ready to learn.”

Over 65,000 students participated in the first Global School Play Day.  Since 2015, that number has grown to over 1.5 million children worldwide.