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    Instructional Technology offers 9-12
    th grade students Online Credit Recovery (OCR) and Proactive Credit Recovery (PCR) programs. These online programs provide Rochester City Schools with a cost-effective, comprehensive, and flexible tool to help students pass courses they previously failed and get the credits they need to graduate from high school. OCR courses are designed for students who did not pass a course initially. Students who do not complete the course during the school year can continue the course in summer school, however, all course will become inactive at the end of summer school, if students don't finish by that time they will have start the course over again in September.

    The Proactive Credit Recovery (PCR) program provides students who are currently failing a course and/or who have become disengaged in school or in a particular course an opportunity to reattempt a course averaging their current grades with the grade they receive in the course.  This option should not be considered for all students who are failing, it is not an easy fix. 
    Below are some guidelines for proactive credit recovery (PCR).

    1. Students will be taken out of the course they are failing and placed into a computer lab to begin proactive recovery course.

    2. Student’s grades for the first two marking periods will stand.
    3. Subsequent marking period grades will be determined by their final grade in the PCR course.  All four grades will be averaged for a final grade. 
    4. Students should know what grade they need to get in the online course prior to beginning proactive recovery. In the case below, the student would need to get an 80 in the PCR course in order to receive an overall passing grade for the course.

    MP1 - 50

    MP2 - 50

    MP3 – 80 (Proactive credit recovery course grade)

    MP4 – 80 (Proactive credit recovery course grade)

    Total = 260/4 = 65 average

    If students don’t complete the course before the end of the school year, students can continue working on the course in summer school, still replacing the second two marking period grades and averaging for a final grade.   

    The OCR and PCR solution is entirely web-based and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, however students can only take assessments when a password is entered by an RCSD employee and complete the assessment in the presence of the RCSD employee.  Each of the courses contain large test banks for quizzes and tests so students retaking assessments will likely receive new questions.

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