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    About the Project

    In 2008, a leadership committee to study 1:1 computing came together to begin exploring the possibility of 1:1 computing throughout the district. Months of planning, site visits, research, and committee work preceded the request of funding for the development needed for this project. For several years we have been ramping up the infrastructure because of what we have seen as the eventuality of 1:1 computing for all students.
    • That would include strategically advancing e-rate projects to build out a very robust network.
    • Development of technology teams in buildings
    • Professional Development
    • Pilots
    • Considerations of Safety
    • Electronic resources
    • Virtual Courses
    • Development of Learning Management System
    • Exploration of 1:1 program throughout country with similar goals
    • Work with Statewide Consortium & Placement
    • Hardware
    • Development of Google content management