• Microsoft Live@Edu AND ParentCONNECT Accounts for students (Grades 7-12)
      Microsoft Live@edu, a free program offered by Microsoft, provides students with email accounts, free access to the Microsoft Office suite of products from home and a “Skydrive” with 25G of free storage space. In addition, we will be providing our students with accounts to ParentCONNECT, so that they may monitor their grades and assignments and, by linking their new Microsoft email accounts to ParentCONNECT, they will now have the ability to directly communicate with their teachers.
      These new features have been piloted over the past couple of months at Wilson Commencement. Pam Rutland, principal of Wilson Commencement reports that the new system is working extremely well – students are now asking their teachers to update their grades into PowerTeacher so that they can monitor their grades!

      This program will be rolled out to all Secondary students, grades 7-12, on April 30th. Live@edu video for students