Welcome to Family and Consumer Science! I am very excited to have your child in my class this year! J As a teacher, my personal goal is to learn as much about your child as possible so that I can be the best teacher to him/her that I can be! I will do my best to teach your child according to his/her unique learning style, interests, and experiences. I am looking forward to a wonderful year!



    What is FACS?
    • FACS is an acronym for Family and Consumer Science

    What do we learn about in FACS?
    Some of the topics include:
    • Food Preparation/Nutrition
    • Human Development/Childcare
    • Family Life/Parenting
    • Clothing Management
    • Career Management
    • Financial Management
    • Consumer Resource Management


    * Leadership

    * Communication

    * Management

    * Critical thinking

    * Problem Solving



    * Class Participation

    * Teamwork

    * Projects

    * Bell Work/Journal

    * Quizzes

    * Homework




    I value parent involvement. I encourage you to be involved with your child’s education by becoming active in the school and maintaining constant communication with me. Please feel free to contact me for any reason!

    You can contact me through the school phone, e-mail, or by simply sending a note with your child. Please feel free to contact me in the way you are most comfortable. I will do my best to keep you informed on your child’s progress throughout the year by means of e-mails, a conference, and phone calls.  Please feel free to come in to observe or volunteer!


    BE Prepared for life…get the FACS!

    10 things about Ms. Nourse


    1.      I grew up in a small town in central N.Y. where cows are your neighbors!

    2.      I went to college at SUNY Brockport.                                                                                                                     

    3.      I do not go a day without eating carrots and an apple.

    4.      I am also a certified health teacher.

    5.      My favorite insect is the ladybug, because they are good luck!

    6.      I love to practice yoga and exercise with friends.

    7.      I have 3 sisters and 1 brother.

    8.      My favorite desserts are s’mores and apple pie.

    9.      I was a medic in the United States ARMY.

    10.     My proudest moments are spent teaching and learning with you!