•  Ms. Storrin - 6th Grade-ICT Teacher: Room 208A – Phone: 288-8008                       K. Storrin

    All About Me


    Name: Kristina Storrin



    I have been a teacher since 1994.

    My favorite school subject is ELA.


    My favorite school special subject is Art.


    My favorite snack is nachos.

    My favorite ice cream is Moosetrack.


    My favorite restaurant is Pane Vino.


    My favorite store is TJ Maxx.


    My favorite color is blue.


    The radio station I listen to the most is 97.9 PXY.


    When I have free time I like to go bike riding, or camping.


    My favorite place to go is the beach.

    My favorite sports team is Buffalo Bills.


    A favorite book of mine is On My Honor.


    My favorite movie genre is Comedy.


    My family is most precious gift.

    My hero is my Dad.