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    This Geometry ThingLink Project 2 is the creation, by students of an interactive image demonstrating their understanding of Triangle Classification by Angles and by Sides. Students began by creating their own image of three different triangles. Once the image was created, using a checklist, they had to identify the triangles by angles. This allowed students to scaffold their own learning based upon their prior knowledge from previous lessons. Next, they had to identify the new classifications based upon the current lessons for triangles classified by sides. The students also had to find a real-world image and a video of triangle classification.
     Kamaal   Kenyatta 
    Tomari   Ubah 
    Indigo    Jarrod 
    Aweit   Ruth   
    Justin     Mohamed 
    Franely   Sabita
    Briana   Marielle
    Grace   Adya


     David   Demeatris

    China   Tianna

     Freemonta   Christina