• Miss Frank Hi, I'm Miss Frank. I have had the honor to teach in the Rochester City School District for the past eleven years in grades 3 through 6. My heart belongs to the students here at John Walton Spencer School 16 for the past six years and counting!

    Prior to teaching, I worked in the advertising profession for twenty years. Once I had my own children I was fascinated in how children learn. After taking a few education classes, I chose to leave the  business world and become an educator. This was truly one of the best decisions I ever made!

    My primary goal is to help children succeed in fifth grade and encourage students to be the best they can be in and out of the classroom. 

    Parents, grandparents and other guardians are truly the primary educators and my partners in educating their child. I encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s learning experience at home and in our classroom. Student learning is enhanced when parents help with homework and volunteering in the classroom.

    Please take a moment and review my teaching philosophy.


    Feel free to contact me anytime:

    E-mail: kathryn.frank@rcsdk12.org

    Telephone: 585-235-1272, extension 2050