The use of grant funds allowed the school to purchase 185 HP-14 Chromebooks and 7 carts to contain them. Training occurred this summer in order to prepare for the rollout to the 7th grade students at a 1:1 ratio. Rollout was a success due to proper planning and training. Training is continuing through daily support from myself, monthly offerings from myself, and district-wide professional development.


    Seven staff members were allotted hours to prepare for Chromebook implementation in the summer of 2014. The resulting work was an eLearning-course/mini-unit on a 5-day rollout plan that included proper use, usage contracts, digital citizenship, and other elements necessary for proper student immersion in the Google Apps for Education environment. An additional training was provided for the district purchased Language Live online literacy intervention program that is currently being used every morning on the Chromebooks. The district also installed 20+ WiFi Access Points in order to create the necessary infrastructure to support the initiative. The completed work has been shared not only with this school, but district-wide and has served as a model for future implementation training models.


    On September 5, 2014 the 7th grade team implemented their rollout plan that was created through their summer training. Teachers simultaneously taught the co-created lessons to ensure that they were not only taught in order, but that each teacher had been refreshed on the summer work. Help was offered by the district in the form of additional bodies to help students login for the first time and troubleshoot any potential errors. By noon on September 5th, every student had a working understanding of Chromebooks and the Google environment. There were very limited issues and the upfront preparation made the day a celebration of a new era at the school.