• Mrs. Erhardt   

    Instructional Coach: Room 212A - Phone: 288-8008    Ext. 2121

    Mrs. Erhardt, Grade 5/6  Mrs. Erhardt, Grade 5/6

    Mrs. Erhardt began working at a Catholic School called Blessed Sacrament Junior High in 1981. She has taught grades pre K, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th. She’s also taught at School #46 for 2 years; Grades 5th and 6th. Her favorite part about being a teacher is watching the kids become good writers because she loves to write and she believes that learning to express yourself through writing is a good thing.

    Mrs. Erhardt was born in Lakewood, Ohio. She currently lives in Webster. She has two daughters who are both artists and one son who wants to become a doctor. Her husband works at Kodak. She also has a 12 year old Husky.

    In her free time she enjoys to cook, read, hike with her dog, and travel. She’s been to Spain, Ireland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Saint Maarten and Aruba.

    Teacher Favorites:
    Favorite Color: Purple
    Favorite Snack: Potato chips
    Favorite Season: Fall
    Favorite Place to go: Ireland
    Favorite Sport: Figure Skating
    Favorite Book: The Horse Whisperer
    Biography written by: Jahaad - Grade 6