The Young Mothers Program (YM)

    A goal of the Rochester City School District (RCSD) Young Mothers Program (YM) is to support pregnant and parenting students to complete high school and encourage post-secondary education. Staff is committed to assist students academically and help prepare students for parenthood, while supporting them socially and emotionally.

    The Young Mothers Program offers pregnant students the opportunity to attend a smaller program. Pregnant teens can attend YM for the duration of the pregnancy and following delivery during the current school year. 

    Young Mothers Prenatal Care at School Program (PAS Program)

    All students enrolled in the Young Mothers Program, regardless of health care provider, receive group prenatal care education every other Wednesday during the school day. Rochester Adolescent Maternity Program (RAMP) and Rochester General Hospital (RGH) provide prenatal care education and care at Young Mothers.  Students who attend RAMP and RGH maternity programs receive their basic, routine prenatal care check-up at Young Mothers:  fundal height, fetal heart rate, blood pressure, and weight.  This check-up does not include any internal exams or tests, which must be performed at the provider’s office.  This program service decreases trips to the doctor’s office and emergency room visits.


    For more information about the Young Mothers Prenatal Care at School Program (PAS), contact the school nurse, Wendy Kavanagh at 454-1095 ext. 4142 or wendy.kavanagh@rcsdk12.org.