Student Help Desk

    Timely and helpful student tech support is also essential to our 1:1 initiative. To meet this challenge, we are creating a Student Help Desk team staffed by student apprentices. Our district is fortunate to have a deep pipeline of talented and mature students who are eager to assist students, teachers, staff and administration with common tech issues and problems. Many of these budding technologists have already worked alongside IT staff as part of summer internship programs.

    Student Help Desk apprentices will build meaningful technical knowledge and problem-solving skills while providing valuable support to their peers. Under the guidance and supervision of IT staff, Student Help Desk apprentices may work during the school day, for credit, as part of a career internship or service-learning project. These authentic learning experiences will carry forward as our students prepare for professional careers in technology fields and beyond.

    No matter what your problem may be, our Student Help Desk members will work hard to find the solution!