• UPDATE:  Thank you to the LyncX Academy Teachers, Administrators and Staff, FoodLink and Community Volunteers that made our First Community Night a success!
  • Parent and Community Night Agenda 

    5:00-5:30       Agency table set-up/gifts

    5:30-5:45       Welcoming 

    5:45-6:00       Classroom Visits/Agencies 

    6:00-6:05       LyncX Academy Welcome Address 

    6:05-6:15       RCSD Welcome

    6:15-6:55       Classroom Visits/Agencies/Massage/Hair Cuts/Food Link Truck

    6:55-7:00       Usher Guest into Auditorium        

    7:00-7:10       RTA President: Adam Urbanski Auditorium 

    7:10-7:25       Dr. Gaither: Fashion Show Auditorium 

    7:25-7:35       Raffle Prizes Auditorium 

     7:35-7:45       Refreshments Cafeteria

    7:45-8:00       Thank You to Families/Food Link Truck/Home