•  The Office of Professional Learning has applied for various NYS grants and has been awarded the following:

    Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Dissemination Grant:

     Principal Leadership Competitive Grant Program

     Award Recipients November 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015 Systemic Thinking for Optimizing Professional Practice

    (STOPP) has allowed the Rochester City School District to further develop and support school leaders to function as a learning system.  STOPP highlighted the work of effective and highly effective principals, who took advantage of activities implemented in previous STLE grants, and provided them with structured opportunities to share their successes with district school leaders who did not participate. Project partners, Michael Murphy and J. Davies and Associates, provide guidance as RCSD not only disseminates information, resources, and opportunities for collegial sharing, but also learns to institutionalize and champion continuation of these practices.

    STOPP  is a learning model where effective principals: 1) further examine professional learning standards, collaborative learning, and learning methods to support them as school leaders and teachers of other leaders; 2) engage in direct and side-by-side coaching with a third party consultant to gain the skills necessary to effectively work with adult learners; and 3) disseminate effective professional learning practices through the facilitation of learning methods as models and opportunities for collaborative learning with leaders. STOPP builds upon RCSD’s professional learning resource guide, Minds in Motion. Dr. Murphy and Ms. Davies will provide coaching as Rochester changes not only the knowledge and behaviors of all parties, but also their attitude and aspirations. The result will yield a community of learners and increased student achievement. As a result of grant activities,

    ·        Non-STLE school leaders demonstrate increased proficiency in professional learning practices and put effective STLE   activities into practice.

    ·         Non-STLE school leaders will demonstrate increased proficiency in teaching and learning.

    ·         New professional learning practices will be integrated into the school community.

    ·         All RCSD school leaders will change their fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

    Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness 2

    Competitive Grant Program

    Award Recipients October 1, 2013 – June 30, 2015

    Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness 2 Program

    The Rochester City School District’s STLE 2 grant supports the District’s continued work in developing its teacher and principal career ladders through a cohesive Teacher-Leader Effectiveness (TLE) Continuum. This continuum is based on the strong foundational programs developed by the District’s Career in Teaching (CIT) and Career in Administration and Supervision (CIAS) programs, and the Office of Professional Learning. STLE efforts support the full TLE continuum since no one part can be sustained without the others.

    STLE Continuum focused on a desired improvement of student outcomes, is steeped in research- based evidence, integrates theory and practice, and utilizes data to improve professional practice.  It incorporates the research of Heneman and Milanowski (2007) and aligns the seven components of the TLE Continuum with three Core Pillars.   To learn more about each grant please click below.
     The following activities prepare Rochester educators for leadership roles and advancement along their respective career ladders.

    ·         CIT uses mentors and lead teachers to provide job-embedded professional learning to teachers.

    ·        CIT uses mentors and lead teachers to provide job-embedded professional learning to teachers.

    ·        The Office of Professional Learning provides high quality support systems for teachers and principals and ensure the availability of diverse and effective professional learning experiences that are aligned with the District’s Professional Development and Strategic Plans.

    ·       Lead teachers serve as instructional coaches to help teachers meet the instructional needs of all students and support full implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards, data-driven instruction, and other State and local initiatives. RCSD teachers will be able to earn a Bilingual Extension through a District-sponsored program to increase the number of highly qualified, full-time teachers for the District’s large bilingual population; these courses will be taught by current RCSD teachers and administrators to provide growth opportunities along all steps of the career ladder.

    ·         Selected teachers and administrators will be trained as in-house Professional Development Providers (PDPs) to provide professional learning opportunities to all members of the RCSD community, regardless of where they are on the career ladder, and ensure a common language surrounding teaching and learning expectations.

          The Rochester City School District’s (RCSD’s) Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness project will link the work of  multiple departments and build upon successful components of the District’s existing Teacher‐Leader Effectiveness Continuum. Grant activities will support the strategic alignment of professional learning with educator need and become best practice, serving as both a preventative and responsive approach to educator development. Theory and practice will be integrated and focus on desired student outcomes. Integrated technology systems will support the use of data to improve professional practice and assist in the development of professional learning that is responsive to teacher, leader, and student needs.



    A Look at the Rochester City School District
    Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Continuum