My Instrumental Music Program
     My Schedule is based on a 4 day cycle which are labeled days A,B,C,D  (the 5th day of the week would cycle back to "A" day and so on)


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    Each child is been given a lesson schedule with the their lesson day andlesson group. For example; Let's say that Tyrone's lesson is on C days and he is in lesson group A.
    • He would look on the C day schedule, find the current day and month listed across the top of the schedule. Tyrone then looks down the grid for his lesson gruop (A) and finds his lesson time on the far left hand side of the grid. 
    • I have a floating block labeled "R T I" for students to use should their regular lesson time falls during Math or ELA intervention time. This is to insure students will not miss focused instruction with Specialists.
    • Lessons do rotate through all subjects except for LUNCH. There is a make-up lesson time for those students who may have lunch during a scheduled lesson.

    Keep in mind that the lesson times change weekly so that no child will miss the same class 2 weeks in a row.