• New York State ELA Curriculum (PreK-Grade 12)
    These modules include authentic reading materials. Authentic reading materials include published works that are typically encountered by students in daily life, such as in magazines, books or newspapers. The use of authentic reading material may mean that some material is emotionally charged or may use language outside of a student's particular cultural experience.

    Close Reading

    1.  Introduce orreintroduce the Learning Target (whole group). 

    2.  Students readthe entire text without stopping to get the “flow”. 

    3.  Whilereading, students circle important and unfamiliar words. 

    4.  Studentswrite the “gist” for each section or paragraph in the margin. 

    5.  Students readand record important details, or evidence that support the Learning Target. 

    6.  Studentsreport out, synthesize, and check for understanding (whole group).