This section allows us to highlight the great things our students do within the classroom
     Peer Tutoring Project in Math!
    March 26, 2013
    RIA Spirit Week 2013

    Students and Staff at Rochester International Academy participated in the
    first RIA Spirit Week to show pride for their culture and their school.
    iPads in Algebra Class
    Students at RIA use their iPads in math class!  
    Take a look at the amazing things they are doing! 
    Ms. Tran's 6th period class
    Students are using their iPads to complete a class work assignment on adding and subtracting integer.
    Ms. Tran's 5th period class
    Students are solving algebraic word problems on their iPads. They are writing equations representing the problem in the story. Students are solving and checking their work, and are working together to complete the assignment.
    Ms. Tran's 3rd period class  
    Students solved inequalities and graphed their solutions on the number line.
    Students used Good Reader to complete and solve algebraic word problems. They also used Book Creator to make their own study book for algebraic vocabulary words.
    Community and PersonalGoals
    Group Skits
    Elementary Students enjoying fitness drumming