• Credit for Independent Study

    You may earn credit for college classes, museum classes, explorer clubs, personal individual study and many other forms of learning you might do outside SWW.
    To earn this credit however, you must complete a Proposal for Independent Study
    BEFORE you begin the activity.
    You must consult with your adviser and the person who will be helping/supervising you in your independent work to specify:
    • What you are going to do
    • What you are going to learn by doing it
    • How long you will be doing it
    • How you will be evaluated.
    You may contract for 1 high school credit for earning a C or better in a 3 or 4 credit college class.
    Credit for other classes or clubs will normally require a total of 30 hours of participation/work for each .25 credit desired. You can combine a series of shorter classes or similar activities, provided that you plan to do so in your proposal.
    Individual studies are normally based on the amount of material to be "covered" by the independent study. For example, you might propose to read and thoughtfully respond to three books for .25 English, or work with a tutor to complete the exercises in one fourth of a math textbook for .25 Math.
    There will be no possibility for earning credit if the proposal is not approved by your advisor in advance of beginning the activity.