School of The Arts on Prince Street Mr Downs
    Welcome to my  2019-2020 Living Environment Students and their families.
    Welcome to my website.  I am beginning my seventeenth year at School of the Arts and as always I feel the excitement of the new school year beginning.    This year I am teaching three sections of Living Environment in room 353 . A couple of years ago we started having 2 lab periods for every four day cycle (instead of one). It has worked out very well in helping students get enough lab minutes to take the Regents Exam and I am glad that we will continue with double periods for labs this year as well.
    I feel that it is very important for students to have a lot of exposure to live specimens found   locally and far off places as well.  In the  classroom we have a fish tank with a few  species of tropical fish.   The real hit with the students are Geico ( a  Gecko lizard like on the commercials)   Geico is native to the deserts of Australia.   Geico is very socialized  (likes to be held and doesn't  bite). Geico is the seasoned veteran with fourteen years working with students.  Her eye sight is very poor so she had to give up chasing live prey. Students really enjoy watching the lizardu eat super meal worms. Geico is a carnivore (only eats other animals).

     Geico the Gecko                                         





    The 2017-2018 school year went very well. A couple of high lights  of this past year was hatching

    13 chicken eggs in our classroom incubator.


    Day Old Chicks holding the chicks




    We also went on a field trip to Seneca Lake on a cruise aboard Hobart and William Smiths College's Research Vessel. The students really enjoyed collecting data in support of the Colleges research on-going for more than 20 years. I hope to do the field trip again in 2019.  For students to attend they need to maintain a C average the first 3 marking periods of the school year.



     lunch among the dandylions Group 1


     Water Testing
     Group 3 Framed by the window
     Enjoying the cruise on the rear deck
    I started my website at the begining of the 2010-2011 school year and have learned a lot as the school years have progressed. My website has evolved over time and I hope you will find it useful in the year ahead during absences and when documents such  as notes or laboratories are misplaced.   I suggest that students take a quick look at the Regents Review documents to get an idea of what they are expected to know for the Regents assessment  in June 2019.
    Please feel free to call me or email me  with any suggestions or concerns you may have.  Thank you for your support.


    Mr. Tim Downs