•                           MaryDiNicola@rcsdk12.org  
                                 Department  of Support Services
                            Resource Room N313
                          242-7682 Extension 3130
                Class Schedule
    Period    Class/Teacher                    Room M416
    Period 1   GEOMTETRY            DELLA GLORIA / DI NICOLA    A 338
    Period 2     PLANNING  
    Period 3    RESOURCE             DI NICOLA   N313
    Period 4     PLANNING
    Period 5     LUNCH
    Period 6    GEOMETRY            BRENT / DI NICOLA  A418   
    Period 7    ALGEBRA I             BONAWITZ  / DINICOLA  A352
    Period 8    
    Period 9      ALGEBRA 11         OMARA / DI NICOLA     A335
      I am a Resource /Inclusion Teacher for grades 9-12. My inclusion classroom responsibilities include assisting students with: organization  of materials,notetaking,test preparation and providing test / behavior modifications. As a Resource teacher my duties  are quite extensive ranging  from  assisting  students with improving test taking strategies / study  skills to  providing guidance  with researching  topics / developing projects.
       I look forward  to  the 2016-17 school year.