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    Social Studies Department

    Social Studies Course Descriptions

    Middle School:

    The Social Studies courses for students in grades 7 and 8 at James Monroe High School are “Social Studies 7” and “Social Studies 8”. These foundational courses follow the NYS scope and sequence that are designed to prepare students for their work in commencement (9-12) level social studies courses. In 7th grade Social Studies, students will focus on the history of the United States through the Reconstruction period (1877). 8th grade Social Studies begins with the period of Industrialization and continues to the present day. Each grade year incorporates an overarching research experience. In 7th grade students look at influential figures in U.S History. In 8th grade students look at specific events in U.S. History that have shaped our country.

    High School:

    The Social Studies courses for students in grades 9-12 at James Monroe High School are broken down into 2 subgroups. First, the required courses for graduation include Global I, Global II, U.S. History, and PIG/Economics. Both the Global Sequence (I and II) and U.S, History culminate in their respective NYS Regents exam. Participation in Government (PIG) and Economics are a combined senior year course that requires a community service component that must be documented. The second subgroup are social studies elective courses which are designed to enhance the liberal arts component of the student’s high school experience. Elective courses offered are Psychology, Intro to Law, A.P. U.S. History, and A.P. World History.