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     Monroe High School Science Department


    Science Course Descriptions:

    Middle School: The middle school science courses offered at James Monroe High School are Intermediate Science – 7 and Intermediate Science – 8.  Each of these foundational courses offers a survey-level experience in the principles of Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science.  Additionally, each course seeks to develop students as scientists – specifically, through the processes of science such as observation and inference, designing experiments, and exploring the world around them.  Students will further engage in science content by reading scientific texts, writing in a variety of contexts, and completing scientific investigations.  These courses are designed to provide a foundation for the content students will experience in high school as well as achieve proficiency on the 8th grade NYS assessment (taken in May).  For students requiring additional supports, modifications are available.


    High School:  The science courses available at James Monroe High School for grades 9-12 include Regents Living Environment, Regents Earth Science, Regents Chemistry, Regents Physics, General Chemistry, and Environmental Science.  Each course builds upon the work done at the Middle School level to achieve content understandings at a deeper, more sophisticated levels at each grade.  Similar to Middle School science, the courses engage students in doing authentic science practices as well as reading, writing, and presenting scientific texts.  Moreover, students will continue to ground their work using scientific evidence as is customary in the science fields. 


    To be considered proficient in Regents science courses, students must complete a minimum of 1200 lab minutes as well as score a 65% or better on their June Regents exam. 

    Regents Living Environment (9th grade) focuses its content on living things including the cell and its parts, human body systems, reproduction and development, genetics, evolution, and ecology & human impact on the environment. 

    Regents Earth Science (10th grade) examines nonliving parts of the natural world including composition of the earth, mapping, rocks and minerals, weathering/erosion/deposition/landforms, earthquakes and plate tectonics, earth history,, meteorology and climate, and astronomy. 

    Regents Chemistry (11th grade) examines nonliving parts of the natural world as well including the atom, periodic table, stoichiometry, chemical bonding, properties of matter, kinetics, organic chemistry, redox reactions, acids/bases/salts, and nuclear chemistry. 

    Regents Physics (12th grade) further examines nonliving parts of the natural world including mechanics, energy, electricity and magnetism, waves, and modern physics.


    Non-Regents courses such as General Chemistry and Environmental Science do not require a Regents exam and engage students in understanding course content at a conceptual level. 


    By providing a wide range of science courses at James Monroe High School, students will be exposed to each of the major components of the scientific community.  Our team works diligently to deliver coherent curriculum and strong instruction in order for students to engage in science like scientists do.


    Monroe High School was selected as a Green Chemistry High School by the Department of Environmental Conservation. As a result the chemistry labs were purged of old chemicals and inventory was performed and chemistry teachers were trained in green chemistry practices. Mr. Betancourt and Ms Bell have incorporated green labs into their classes.
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    The Science Department through a grant from the Incorporated Research Institution for Technology have been running a seismometer in the classroom since 2011.
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