About NRCS

  • Nathaniel Rochester Middle School
    7 - 8th Grade
    NRCS No. 3
    85 Adams Street
    Rochester, New York 14608
    School: (585) 454-3525 ~ F
    ax: (585) 262-8938

    Nathaniel Rochester Middle School offers a caring environment for all scholars to grow and develop. Scholars are immersed in an atmosphere with rich learning experiences so that they acquire the necessary foundation and skills needed for college and careers. NRCS is proud to offer you and your child a variety of academic experiences and supports.


    • Effective instructional practices and a challenging curriculum
    • Living Environment and Integrated Algebra Preparation
    • Music program includes school chorus, strings, wind and percussion music lessons
    • Exposure to STEM careers and STEM mentoring
    • A variety of community volunteers and partners
    • Swimming class required for all NRCS students
    School Contacts

    Mrs. Deborah Washington, Principal                                                


    Ms. Jeanne Markman, Assistant Principal  


    Mrs. Evangelina Johnson, Community Site Coor.          


    Mrs. Velvet Solis, Senior School Secretary                         


    Mr. Steven Miko, Custodial Engineer                                  









Last Modified on October 2, 2020