• The RCSD Code Of Conduct
    Expectations for Students?

    All students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate and civil manner, with proper regard for the safety and welfare of others. As a student you are expected to:
    • Work to the best of your ability and strive toward the highest levels of achievement.
    • Attend school every day and be in class on time and prepared to learn.
    • Contribute to a safe and orderly school environment and show respect toward others.
    • Follow the rules for appropriate student conduct, including the student dress code.
    • Seek help from school staff in solving problems that might lead to disciplinary action.
    • Treat teachers, administrators and other school personnel in a respectful, positive manner.
    • Accept responsibility for your actions.
    • Report to school officials any information that may help prevent danger or injury to others. Tell a teacher, principal, or other staff member.
    Dress Code for Students
    All students are expected to dress appropriately for school and school functions and to give proper attention to personal cleanliness, grooming, and appearance. Inappropriate dress and appearance can be distracting and interfere with student learning.
    Specifically, all aspects of a student’s appearance (including hair style, hair color, jewelry, make-up, and nails) should be safe, appropriate, and not disrupt or interfere with the educational process.
    The following are not appropriate on school property:
    • Stocking caps, “do rags,” and bandanas
    • Hats (except for medical or religious purposes)
    • Revealing clothing such as men’s muscle shirts, women’s tube tops, net tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, plunging necklines, and see-through clothing.
    • Clothing that exposes a student’s navel, buttocks, bare chest, or cleavage.
    • Clothing that includes words or images that are vulgar, obscene, or disrespectful of others.
    • Clothing that promotes the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs or that encourages illegal or violent activities.
    • Clothing that reveals underwear. Pants should be held up with a belt of appropriate size for the student’s waist.
    Student Rights
    The Code of Conduct states that all students have the right to:
    • Have a safe, orderly, and courteous school environment.
    • Take part in all District activities on an equal basis.
    • Access school rules and, when necessary, receive an explanation of those rules from school personnel.
    • Present their side of the story to school personnel when involved in disciplinary matters.