• Mr. Franciosa   
    Room 212 - Phone: 288-8008   Ext. 2111
    Mr. Franciosa, Intervention Prevention  Mr. Franciosa, Intervention Prevention

    Mr. Franciosa has been teaching since 1992. He has been a teacher at School #46 for 19 years and counting! He is not teaching in a classroom because he runs the Time Out to Think room and the school's Safety Patrol. Mr. Franciosa’s favorite part of being a teacher is getting to know his students.

    Mr. Franciosa lives in Irondequiot, New York. Mr. Franciosa lives there with his wife, four children, and two dogs named Tunie and Romona. He also has six chickens (that he calls “the girls”) and two rabbits.

    Mr. Franciosa enjoys traveling. He has traveled to Central America, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico, and Italy. He loves to spend time at the beach, cooking, gardening, exercising and eating healthy. One cool fact is that Mr. Franciosa swam with the sharks!

    Below are some extra facts about Mr. Franciosa:
    Favorite color: Blue
    Favorite snack: Anything crunchy
    Favorite season: Summer
    Favorite place to go: Beach
    Favorite sport: College football/ baseball
    Favorite book: Adventurous Travel

    Biography written by: Rosalie – Grade 6