• The Student Success Center (SSC) is spearheading the following School No. 46 initiatives:
    School Safety Patrol: Students are carefully selected to assist at building entrances/exits during daily arrival and dismissal time periods.
    Student Mentoring Program: Based on data, immediate need or staff referral, students are assigned a staff mentor who they will check in with on a regular basis.  Most mentor and student pairs meet at least once per week.  A personal growth plan is created at the beginning of the mentoring process with goals evaluated at the end of each marking period.  Currently, there are 33 students assigned a mentor.
    Check and Connect: Students voluntarily check in with an adult at our school's Check and Connect table at the beginning of the day. A personal goal is established for each day based on a point system.  The Check and Connect sheets are carried with the student throughout the school day and the students' teachers assign points based on behavior.  The completed sheet is then returned to the Check and Connect table at days end for evaluation with the Check and Connect team.  A small incentive is given if the daily goal has been reached.
    Peer Mediation Program: A pilot program for peer mediation began in March of 2010.  Fourteen fifth and sixth grade students were selected from a pool of 30 student applications and interviews.  The students received mediation/conflict resolution training to prepare them for any upcoming student conflict referrals.  We plan on adding mediators to our team and broadening our services to School No. 46.
    Educational Programming:  Mr. Franciosa is going into classrooms teaching character education lessons on a weekly basis.  Additionally the Student Success Center (SSC) has made connections with community agencies to make a variety of services and programs available to our staff and students.  
    • The Center for Missing and Exploited Children offered information on Internet Safety to our students.
    • The National Guard educated our sixth grade students on drug awareness and prevention during a fourteen week program.  
    • Red-Ribbon Drug Awareness Week -- in October, the entire school participated in a week full of fun and educational learning activities on drug prevention.
    Parent Contacts: The SSC also serves as a facilitator in strengthening home/school connections by making parent contacts via phone, e-mail and home visits.  We schedule and facilitate parent conferences throughout the year to support behavior and academic progress in our school's classrooms.  When transportation becomes an issue, we schedule a home visit to ensure that each family has a regular connection to students' classrooms.