• Kodak Park School #41 Uniform Policy
    Girls Uniform, Grades K through 6:
    • Top: (plain, no designs/names, short or long sleeves)
      • Light Blue
      • Light Blue Oxford
      • Light Blue turtleneck/blouse
    • Bottom: (no jeans)
      • Tan khaki or navy blue skirt/Capri pants
      • Tan khaki or navy blue pants/slacks
      • Tan khaki or navy blue walking pants (knee shorts)
    Boys Uniform, Grades K through 6:
    • Top: (plain, no designs/names, short or long sleeves)
      • Light Blue Polo style
      • Light Blue Oxford
      • Light Blue turtleneck
    • Bottom: (no jeans)
      • Tan khaki or navy blue pants
      • Tan khaki or navy blue walking pants (knee shorts)

    Uniform Expectations

    • All clothing must be properly fitted and pants must be work around waist.
    • All skirts and shorts must be no shorter than 2” above the knee.
    • All tops are to be worn in one solid color with no designs or names.
    • Shoes, sneakers or boots must be tied and properly fastened.
    • Young ladies will be asked to remove their headscarves regardless of their hair style.
    • All jackets, hats, hoods on sweat jackets, head bands, head scarves and do rags are not to be worn during the school day and must be removed immediately upon entering the school building and placed in the closet in the student's classroom
    • If a student is cold and chooses to wear a sweater, sweatshirt, or blazer style jacket, it must be navy blue and plain.
    • Please send Kindergarteners with an extra set of clothing. 

    You can find uniforms at the following stores (among others): Target, JC Penny, Kmart Wal-Mart, Macy's, Goodwill, and Rainbow Kids.