• Board of Education Meetings
    Meetings are held the first and fourth Thursday of each month at Central Office.
    131 W. Broad Street
    6:30 to 8:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted*)
    Conference Room 3A
    All meetings are open to the public and a portion of each agenda is set aside for speakers. To address the Board, call the Board of Education office at (585) 262-8525 by noon on the day of the meeting at which you wish to speak.
    If you require any special accommodations in order to participate in a meeting or need information to be presented in an alternative format because of a disability, please call the Board Office in advance of the meeting.
    Meetings are also televised via RCTV Channel 15 and streamed over the Internet at: https://www.rcsdk12.org/domain/103
    For more information, call the Board Office at (585) 262-8525, send an email to board.of.education@rcsdk12.org, or visit the Board of Education website.
    Meetings for the 2018-2019 Year 

    July 26, 2018
    August 23, 2018
    September 25, 2018
    October 18, 2018 (Board of Education Hispanic Heritage Month Observance, 5:30 p.m.)
    November 15, 2018
    December 20, 2018

    January 2019
    January 10:  Business Meeting
    January 15:  Special Meeting
    January 24:  Business Meeting

    February 2019
    February 6:  Special Meeting
    February 12:  Business Meeting
    February 19:  Special Meeting
    February 28:  Business Meeting  (Board of Education Black History Month Observance, 5:30 p.m.)

    March 2019
    March 5:  Special Meeting
    March 14:  Business Meeting
    March 19:  Special Meeting
    March 23:  Budget Retreat
    March 28:  Business Meeting  (Board of Education Women’s History Month Observance, 5:30 p.m.)

    April 2019
    April 2:  1st Public Budget Hearing (5:30PM); Special Meeting (6:30PM)
    April 4:  Special Meeting (1st Budget Deliberation Session)
    April 11:  2nd Public Budget Hearing (5:30PM); Business Meeting (6:30PM)
    April 16:  Special Meeting (2nd Budget Deliberation Session)
    April 23:  Special Meeting (3rd Budget Deliberation Session)
    April 25:  Business Meeting

    May 2019
    May 7:  Special Meeting
    May 9:  Business Meeting (including Budget Adoption)
    May 14:  Special Meeting
    May 23: Business Meeting

    June 2019
    June 4:  Special Meeting (Retreat with Incoming Superintendent)
    June 13:  Business Meeting
    June 20:  Business Meeting