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    Ladies Attaining Self-Sufficiency


    Mission Statement:

    The mission of LASS is to mentor, educate, and support young ladies in attaining self-sufficiency.

    Who we are:

    LASS is an after-school based, gender-specific, teacher-volunteer initiative that is designed to supplement formal education. The initiative focuses on increasing positive identity, breaking down social barriers, encouraging cultural exchange and understanding, and defining personal values. LASS members represent a variety of backgrounds, but they share a common interest to make the most of their future. The creative team of credentialed teachers and volunteers engage participants in themed topics, and provide emotional support and guidance.

    A tailored youth-development curriculum, written by founding members, concentrates on self-sufficiency skills:

    • Long-Term Goals (education, interesting work/career, family)
    • Life Skills (economic literacy, nutrition, etiquette, and activities of daily living)
    • Critical Thinking (decision making, literacy)
    • Personal Affirmation (negotiating relationships, building character, developing a positive identity)


    Programs include:

    • Yoga-in tandem with healthy living and wellness
    • Ropes Course- team building experience
    • Communications Program- discussion of effective, non-confrontational speaking skills
    • Visit to Center for Youth-explanation of community support available to teens, such as anti-bullying techniques
    • Red Cross Babysitting Certificate Course
    • Empowerment and Self-Defense Presentation
    • Zumba-participation in aerobic exercise class
    • Nutrition/Healthy Eating
    • Body Image/Self Esteem
    • Financial Literacy
    • Lending Library
    • Career Exploration

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