• Overview

    Students should only be accessing and using educational websites and software. Students are provided with technology and resources to assist them with their intellectual growth. The more each student appropriately uses the software, the more each will be better prepared for middle school, high school, college and/or career.

    How to Get There

    To access the websites, first open Internet Explorer and then click on the Favorites Star in the upper right hand corner of the browser. Then click RCSD Educational Software for the complete list of the most common software our district uses. Click on any of the links to be directed to that academic software.


    Educational Websites and Software


    Specific Websites and Software

    During Academic Intervention, students will interact with:

    1. Compass Learning - Data-tracked ELA and Math for grades K-6

    2. First in Math - Data-tracked math for grades 2-6

    3. Lexia Core 5 - Data-tracked ELA for grades K-2

    4. Raz Kids - Data-tracked ELA for grades K-2

    5. Starfall Interactive academics and games for grades K-2

    6. Brain Pop - Fun educational games and activities in Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Engineering and Technology, Health and Music and Art for grades 2-6

    7. PBS Kids – Fun educational games and videos, similar to Brain Pop, for grades K-6


    Compass Learning and Lexia Core 5 Login

    Student Username = Student Number, minus the 890

    Student Password = Initials, using capital letters, and the year they were born

                Ex.       Christopher Smith - 890201458

                      Username: 201458

                      Password: CS2005


    First in Math and Raz Kids Login

    Classroom teachers will provide you with usernames and passwords