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    I am excited to get to know each and every one of my students and helping them to become well-rounded and successful students through the study of music. Currently, the courses that are being offered are Music In Our Lives, Guitar I, and Piano I.

    Something important to take note is that all assigned work is done in class, making class attendance important for student success. In case a student misses class, all work is posted in Google Classroom so that students can finish the work at home.  

    About Me

    Hello! My name is Tara Menon and it's my second year teaching here at Rochester Early College International High School. I have been thoroughly enjoying teaching at this school and I have been learning and growing tremendously alongside my students. Through my position here, I sincerely hope to make a positive impact on the growth of my students as life-long learners and as people.

    I graduated from SUNY Geneseo with my Bachelor's degrees in Early Childhood Education and Piano Performance. From Nazareth College, I graduated with my Master's degree in Music Education. Music and education have always been a passion of mine. I am very blessed to have this opportunity to do what I love.

    Please feel free to contact me at anytime.
    My email address is: menon.mitsuyasu@rcsdk12.org.
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Music In Our Lives

    This class is designed to allow students to develop active listening skills and an understanding of the elements of music while simultaneously developing an awareness of the big role music plays in our lives. We will explore and experience all different types of music, across several different paths of unit interest. Students will be exploring various musical genres, music from around the world, the interplay between music and our emotions, music and social justice, among other topics. I am open to any suggestions and will do my best to incorporate those interests into our areas of study.

    Piano I

    This class is designed to teach the fundamental knowledge and skills that are pertinent to becoming a successful piano player. We will learn how to read music notation, including note values, notes on the treble and bass clef. Alongside these fundamentals of music theory, we will be learning to play the piano. We will mostly be focusing on the 5 finger C Major position, developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in order to play both hands simultaneously. I am open to any suggestions students may have and will do my best to incorporate those interests into our areas of study. 

    Guitar I

    This class is designed to teach the fundamental knowledge and skills that are pertinent to becoming a successful guitar player. We will learn the parts of a guitar and how to read music notation, including note values and the treble clef. Alongside these fundamentals of music theory, we will be learning how to play the guitar. We will mostly be focusing on developing a strong fundamental understanding of how strings can resonate through the use of correct finger/hand form. We will start off by playing strings one at a time and will gradually learn chords which require students to play multiple notes across multiple strings simultaneously. Student interests and suggestions are welcome as we move forward together.


    Grading Policy

    All assignments other than class participation can be submitted for a better grade. As long as assignments are submitted / re-submitted by the end of the quarter, it can be included in your overall grade.

    Electronics Policy

    No cell phones. No personal headphones. No using electronic devices for tasks other than the task at hand.

    Pass Usage

    You are welcome to go to the bathroom when the teacher is not delivering direct instruction. Make sure to get permission and a pass from the teacher before you leave the classroom. You may not leave during the first and last 10 minutes of class. Passes are located on a whiteboard at the side of the classroom. Please fill out your name and date on the pass, and write your name in the box the pass was taken from. The teacher will decide a time you should be back by and sign off on the pass. When you are back, please erase any writing on the pass.

    Behavior Policy

    This classroom will function as a family. Each and every individual in our classroom will feel safe, valued, and respected. We do not tolerate behaviors that will jeopardize the well-being of our classroom and school family.  

    Food Policy

    As our classroom has expensive instruments such as keyboards and guitars, there will be no food allowed in the classroom. This will also help to prevent mice infestations in our classroom.

    Lateness / Absence Policy

    Please get to class on time. If you are ever absent, it is your responsibility to ask for materials you have missed. Please turn in all the work that should have been submitted during your absence within a reasonable timeframe.

    Help Outside of Class Hours

    As long as I am not busy with something else, I am available in person during lunch periods and after school to help you. I can also set up Zoom appointments for afterschool and over the weekend if necessary. Help is reserved for those who show an effort to do their best during class. If you have multiple unexcused absences or use class time unwisely or disrespectfully, help will not be provided.

    Lost & Found

    There is a Lost & Found box on the filing cabinet located at the door. Anything the teacher finds will be placed there.

    Pencils & Scrap Paper

    Pencils and scrap paper are located on the blue cardboard shelf at the side of the classroom. Please return pencils you’ve borrowed.

    Assignment Submissions

    Assignments can be turned in electronically via Google Classroom and email. They can also be turned in manually by placing it in the Turn In shelf. Assignments left in your folders, left on tables, or have no names will not be graded.