• ISS Program
    The Center for Youth Services in partnership with Rochester City School District


    Ms. Burke
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    Mr. Bollar,  Social Learning Specialist
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     Our Program


    The ISS program was implemented at Enrico Fermi School #17 beginning in the 2008-2009 school year. As an alternative to home suspensions, students are assigned into the ISS room where they receive academic instruction and social/emotional support.




    “We solve problems by working together”


    Instructional days are saved through student participation in ISS; Students are not counted as absent and are able to complete assignments given in their regular classroom. The main consequence of ISS is social isolation.  Students are not in their regular classrooms and do not attend special classes such as gym, music, and art.  They have all their meals in the ISS room also. 


                Students participating in ISS receive school work to complete during their time in the program.  This allows teachers a chance to keep students current with class work and home assignments. 

                The ISS teacher assistant works one-on-one or with small groups of students.  Reading, writing, spelling, ELA skills, mathematics, science, and social studies may be covered in a day.  Testing is often done by the ATS teacher as well. 

                Our days mirror the schedule of a regular classroom environment.  Our rituals, routines, and rules help our day to run smoothly. 


    Life Skills Workshop

    A major piece of the ISS program along with academics is the Life Skills Workshop component.  Time is built into the day for students to receive 1:1 sessions with the Student Support Specialist, as well as participate in life skills groups with other students participating in ISS.


    Workshop topics covered in ISS include:

    • Decision Making
    • Anger Management
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Self Esteem
    • Cooperation
    • Bullying
    • Communication Skills


    Students are given the opportunity to reflect upon their behavior and learn strategies and skills to improve future behavior.  They are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and understand there is a consequence for their action.


    Prevention Education

      Prevention Education consists of classroom workshops, multi-session classroom groups, and small groups.  These workshops and groups are tailored to the needs of students and teachers. The topics that are covered in Prevention Education are similar to Life Skills Workshops offered in the ISS room.