Caring and Sharing Child Care Center

Caring and Sharing Child Care Center

School Information

Program Features

    • Wraparound Child Care Availability: Yes 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    • Medical/Counseling Services Availability: Medication Administration Certification
    • Parent Groups/Supports: Parent participation in workshops and in the classroom

Unique Features

    • Is a full-day program
    • Our goal is to provide real-life, culturally based lesson activities that challenge and excite your child’s mind and need for expression and how they learn. Children are encouraged to investigate, discover, and demonstrate their abilities in an environment that stimulates their interests.
    • Meals are prepared on site in a home-style manner. Our onsite chef follows the CACFP Food Program to make sure that individual nutritional needs are met.
    • Qualified staff are committed to providing children with the highest quality of care, instruction, and fun.