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  • November 22, 2021

    Good afternoon,

    There are a few things I wanted to update our families with regard to recent events at Wilson and the format of this week. 

    First, there have been a few altercations recently with our female scholars that have resulted from immature and poor choices with regard to social media. This includes posts that instigate violence, group chats that have malicious intent, and following one another for negative reasons on social media just to name a few. These deplorable behaviors are resulting in verbal and physical aggression in our school. Several students have recently been suspended for such behaviors. I am writing to let you know, we cannot continue to pour as much energy into resolving events that are taking place at home, in the evening, and on the weekends as we have been. Please discuss this with your children and let them know, at Wilson, we expect to maintain a safe environment for all of our students while focusing on academic achievement. Students will be suspended for acts of violence that impact our school's daily operations. 

    Next, we are currently looking to revamp our cell phone collection policy. Historically, we have collected all devices at the entrances to the school building. This year, we attempted to allow our scholars to carry phones in their own locked pouches. As expected, many students continue to break their pouches or sneak their phones in. This behavior is taking away from the instruction taking place in the classroom and adding to the uptick in arguments taking place throughout the day. I will update you within the next week as to how we will proceed with cell phone collection. Please encourage your child to follow the school expectations as it relates to cell phones.

    Last but definitely not least. Please take a look at the attachment provided to our schools Friday. The RCSD is requesting of buildings to "suspend" our focus on curriculum and replace it with Social-Emotional learning for Monday and Tuesday. Due to the late notice, some teachers will be moving forward with their original plans, while others may not be teaching to the curriculum. My purpose in sharing this with you is simply transparency. You, as families, can determine what will be best for your child this week. Important Instructional Update.msg  

    I truly hope you enjoy your holiday.

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