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    Posted by: Theresa Dunlavey

    Let me know what's been going on with you! I have been "homeschooling" my daughter who is in first grade. (Confession:  I'd rather be at 29 with all of you; homeschooling your own kids is really tough!)

    Here is a self portrait I have been working on - I am using a white colored pencil on black paper: self portrait

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  • Hello students!

    I miss each and every one of you!

    I can't wait for school to re-open so I can see all of your smiling faces. I am looking forward to creating art with all of you again very soon! Meanwhile, I hope everyone is staying creative! There are so many ways to be creative even while you're stuck at home!

    Here are some ideas!

    Draw a picture from your window - what do you see? Houses? Trees? People walking? Draw what you see!

    Create a "nature painting" with things you find on the ground like this:

    nature art 1  nature art 2  nature art 3


    Create a color wheel by using objects that are around the house.

    color wheel  found object color wheel

    Paint a funky design on your fingernails.

    nails 1  nails 2

    Trace your hand and fill it in with zentangle designs.


    You can also go onto youtube and watch some really cool art videos. Here are a few that I have liked:

    The Color Song by Scratchgarden

    Van Gogh

    Satisfying art video 6:

    Lunch Doodles with Mo:

    Art for Kids (directed drawings):


    Stay well my little loves and I hope to see you all very soon!


    Mrs. Dunlavey & Norman Rockwell, the dog


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