Instructional Technology Requests

  • Over the past several years..

    • Student and classroom technology has grown over 300% to a 1:1 Chromebook ratio for all 3-12 students.  
    • The number of devices in primary classrooms has doubled in the past 2 years.
    • All classroom technology has been updated.
    • The upcoming year will include a Chromebook take home model for Grades 9-12.  

    The Instructional Technology Department has less staff. Due to this reduction we have redesigned our school support model.  Beginning in September members of the Instructional Technology team will not be assigned specific buildings, instead we be approaching school support by request through a form.  Form submissions will be continually reviewed for action with the team. The Instructional Technology TOA that can best support the request will contact you directly. 

    We are working to find the most effective way to support students, teachers and schools with Instructional Technology integration.  Please continue to contact helpdesk with all hardware issues. (