•                                       Welcome to the NRCS No.3 Parent Resource Center!!

     We strive to make our Parents feel welcomed as Leaders and Partners in their child's academic success. As a Community school, we strive to provide quality service and helpful resources to our Families. Our Parent Resource Center is designed to meet both academic and non-academic needs of our Families.

     In our Parent Resouce Center, Parents/Families will be able to :

    • Meet with Staff, other Parents/families, and Community Partners
    • Provide Feedback on School's Climate and Culture
    • Access, receive, and obtain information for resources that are unique to their Family's needs

     Our Parent Resource Center maintains an open door policy. Please stop in and visit our Parent Resource Center with any question, concern, intrest or idea you may have!

                                                   Monday-Friday 7:30am-2:00pm  


Parent Center