• Parent Involvement Matters "These are all of Our Children. We will profit by or pay for whatever they become" - James Baldwin

    At Nathaniel Rochester Community School No.3 we understand the importance of an actively engaged parent and the positive impact being an engaged parent has on a child's overall achievement. There are various of ways our Parents can exercise their role as Leaders and Partners in thier child's educational experience.

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     "Our Parent Involvement Team mission is to enhance Parent, Student, Staff and Community Partner relationships and to shape educational school experiences into a fun and prosperous learning environment. The Parent Involvement Team is committed to collabrating with community resources to align with our school's vision and mission direction. To advocate for all children and a vibrant academic community"

     Our Parent Involvement Team consist of the following Parent Groups:

     P.T.O. (Parent Teacher Organization)

    S.B.P.T (School Based Planning Team/Parent)

    NRCS #3 Father's Group

    Parent Volunteers

     To Learn more on how to partner with our Parent Involvement Team, please contact,

    Ms. Evana Harvey, Parent Liaison

    Office: (585) 454-3525 ext 1024

    Email: Evana.Harvey@rcsdk12.org