CSR 15 Contacts

  • To contact any of the teachers during the day, please call our main office phone at:  585-262-8830

School 15 Staff

First Name Last Name Position E-mail
Robert Alexander 2nd Grade Robert.Alexander@RCSDK12.org
Eli Artman 6th Grade Joel.Artman@RCSDK12.ORG
Jessica Banks Intervention/Prevention Tchr Jessica.Banks@rcsdk12.org
Ashwin Basnet Parent Liaison Ashwin.Basnet@RCSDK12.ORG
Patricia Benati-Rist Special Ed Patricia.Benati-Rist@RCSDK12.ORG
Jennifer Benton 3rd Grade Jennifer.Benton@rcsdk12.org
Collins Kate Nurse
Bethany Bibbee Social Worker Bethany.Bibbee@rcsdk12.org
Meghan Bosek 4th Grade Meghan.Bosek@rcsdk12.org
Cristine Buckett 1st Grade Cristine.Buckett@RCSDK12.ORG
Michele Butz Secretary Michele.Butz@RCSDK12.ORG
Margaret Cain 4th Grade Margaret.Cain@RCSDK12.org
Chywane Collins-Ely 3rd Grade Chywane.Collins-Ely@RCSDK12.ORG
Traci Comstock Special Ed Traci.Comstock@RCSDK12.ORG
Jaime Cranker Art Jaime.Cranker@rcsdk12.org
Margot Egling Reading Teacher Margot.Egling@RCSDK12.ORG
Jane Feldstein Pre K 3 Year Old Jane.Feldstein@rcsdk12.org
Ivis Flores Primary Project Ivis.Flores@rcsdk12.org
Brandon Fowler 6th Grade Special Ed Brandon.Fowler@RCSDK12.ORG
Cheri France CEW Cheri.France@RCSDK12.org
Melissa Frost Librarian Melissa.Frost@RCSDK12.ORG
Shauna Graham TA Shauna.Graham@rcsdk12.org
Shannon Gross Pre-K 4 year old Shannon.Gross@RCSDK12.ORG
Rob Johnson Tchr Asst - ISS Rob.Johnson@RCSDK12.ORG
Juliana Karr Speech Therapist Juliana.Karr@RCSDK12.ORG