• English as a New Language

    ENL services help students from other language backgrounds develop English language skills for success in school and beyond.  Certified ENL teachers offer support in English through academic subjects.  Cross-cultural understanding is another important goal of all ENL instruction.  Students develop English skills through specialized instruction by ENL teachers in collaboration with the rest of their educational program, either as a separate class or within the classroom.  ENL is an integral component of the bilingual programs at all grade levels.

    School #12 ENL Teachers
    fax:  585-935-7412
    Brittany Sun
    phone:  585-461-3280, ext. 2170
    Karen Ferrara
    phone:  585-461-3280, ext. 3210 
    Jacqueline Burry
    phone: 585-461-3280, ext. 3380
    Ann Foley
    phone: 585-461-3280, ext. 2180
    Lymari Perez
    phone: 585-461-3280, ext. 2170
    Elizabeth Macie
    phone: 585-461-3280, ext. 1001
    Shahida Zechariah
    phone: 585-461-3280, ext. 3170