• Assistant Principal: Ms. Steflik   

    Room 208 – Phone: 288-8008   Ext. 2081

    Ms. Steflik    Steflik

    All About Me

    Name: Adrienne Steflik

    I have been a teacher for 15 years, administrator for 2 years.

    I taught French.

    My favorite school subjects are English, French, History.

    My favorite school special subject is art.

    My favorite snack is some blueberries.

    My favorite ice cream is chocolate.

    My favorite restaurant is Good Luck.

    My favorite store is Banana Republic.

    My favorite color is dark green.

    The radio station I listen to the most is 100.5 The Drive.

    When I have free time I like to paddle board, do yoga, run, and read.

    My favorite place to go is to Paris. 

    My favorite sports team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

    A favorite book of mine is Three Cups of Tea.

    My favorite movie genre is drama.

    My family is small and close.


    My hero is my father.