• Principal: Ms. Pantoja   Main Office – Phone: 288-8008   Ext. 1003      

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    Ms. Pantoja is the Principal at Charles Carroll School #46.  She has been an educator for more than 26 years!  She has been an elementary school teacher for 18 years and a principal for 8 years.  Ms. Pantoja has been a principal here at School #46 for 3 years.  Her favorite part of being a principal is visiting the classrooms to see how well the students and teachers are doing.  Also, to see the wonderful work the students have been doing.  She also loves to see what they’re reading.  Ms. Pantoja is very experienced, she’s worked at many different schools such as Robert Brown Technical High School and Schools #22, #28, and #41.

    Ms. Pantoja lives in Greece, NY. She lives there with her two children Willie and Tony.

    Ms. Pantoja enjoys reading, shopping, and watching her kids play sports in her free time. She also loves to watch the New York Yankees play baseball and the Cowboys play football. Although Ms. Pantoja loves traveling to the Caribbean; she likes to travel anywhere with her kids.  

    Other things I found out about Ms. Pantoja when interviewing her:

    Favorite Color: Red

    Favorite Snack: Peanut M&M’s and Ferrero Rocher

    Favorite Season: Summer

    Favorite Place to go: Anywhere her kids are

    Favorite Sport: Baseball

    Favorite Book: Live a Life Worth Loving

    Written by: Jamalis, Grade 6